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Scrumptious Summerville 2014 Kitchen Tour

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SUMMERVILLE, S.C.,  – The Twelfth Annual Scrumptious Summerville Kitchen Tour, to benefit Children In Crisis, Inc., has been scheduled for Sunday, October 5, 2014. The Kitchen Tour is a unique delight for the senses as patrons tour grand homes, cottages and gardens in Summerville and sample gourmet treats prepared by premiere Lowcountry chefs. Local musicians are scheduled to perform in each home or garden and area florists will grace the interior décor with floral arrangements. The event is held rain or shine and the homes may be toured from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.  Purchase tickets here starting July 1st.


This year the Kitchen Tour will feature sixteen beautiful homes, cottages and gardens along Gadsden Street, Salisbury Drive and Linwood Lane in Summerville. They are the homes of :


Dr. & Mrs. Britt Reagin - 120 Gadsden Street

Mr. & Mrs. Neyle Jones - 134 Gadsden Street

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Phillips - 130 Salisbury Drive

Mr. & Mrs. George Brown - 126 Salisbury Drive

Mr. & Mrs. Everett Knight - 147 Linwood Lane (yard only)

Mr. & Mrs. William Hallman - 138 Linwood Lane

Dr. & Mrs. Chris Wimberly - 136 Linwood Lane

Mr. & Mrs. Bert Gary - 131 Linwood Lane (yard only)

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Hathaway - 129 Linwood Lane

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Wimberly - 127 Linwood Lane

Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey Heflin - 125 Linwood Lane

Mr. & Mrs. William Beauchene - 120 Linwood Lane

Ms. Ellen T. Willingham - 117 Linwood Lane

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Serpas - 116 Linwood Lane

Mrs. Gloria Tupper - 113 Linwood Lane

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Musselman - 112 Linwood Lane (yard only)


 This year the route continues in the very historic area as last year. These homes have also been built in the area of the old Pine Forest Inn property. The Pine Forest Inn opened in 1891, and was owned and managed by F. W. and George A. Wagener. It was promoted as a place for the physically ill and those needing rest and relaxation. If you missed the tour last year, you will once again be able to see the original gates that led to the once proud and stately Pine Forest Inn.


Pine Forest Inn 

The large parlor room was filled with over 100 chairs, and was called the Rocking Chair Room. The beautiful, polished floors were of local pine. There were 150 sleeping apartments and five rental cottages. The inn had its own power plant, telegraph office and long distance telephone service. Entertainment included an orchestra, three bowling alleys, shuffle board, billiard and pool tables, and 130 golf links (today, Corey Woods), and a stable of 50 horses. President Roosevelt stayed at Pine Forest in 1902. President Roosevelt and President Taft were several times guests at the Inn and President Circle honors the two Presidents with President Circle. Most of the homes on the tour are located within President Circle.

The inn thrived as a popular resort for many years, but began to decline during World War I. In 1939, Thomas Salisbury bought the Pine Forest Inn. It was at a time when tourists were starting to go to Florida and the golden age of Summerville was coming to a close. Mr. Salisbury tried many different things to keep the Inn afloat. He even tried the “Summerville Adventure School.” But alas, in the 1940s, the Pine Forest Inn was torn down. Thomas Salisbury had the building taken apart board by board so people could not say he had burned it down for the insurance money, which was a common practice of that day. 

“Every year, we see the need for our services to the children of our community growing. It truly speaks volumes that so many people step up to the plate and support this amazing event,” added Kitchen Tour Chair Marlena Myers.


Sponsorship opportunities are now available starting at $300. Individuals and businesses may also inquire about sponsorships via our website by clicking on the "Kitchen Tour " selection in the Popular Now section. Event sponsors will receive an invitation to the Sponsor’s Gala on Friday, October 3, 2014  to be held at the Summerville Country Club as well as tickets to the Kitchen Tour. A portion of the sponsorship price is tax deductible. All MC, Visa and Discover credit cards are accepted.