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DCC Therapy Programs

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The Dorchester Children’s Center offers the following therapy programs:

TFCBT: Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Evidence-based treatment for children who have experienced sexual abuse or other serious traumatic events.

PCIT: Parent Child Interactive Therapy: Empirically-supported treatment for conduct-disordered young children that places emphasis on improving the quality of the parent-child relationship and changing parent-child interaction patterns.


B-SAFE: The B-SAFE group is an open format educational group to teach children about body safety and touching rules. It is designed for children ages 3-8. Children will be taught proper names for private parts, have the opportunity to distinguish "ok" from "not ok" touches and practice telling a caregiver about a "not ok" touch.

SBP-S:  The Sexual Behaviors Problems group for school aged children (SBP-S) is a 4-6 month group for children, aged 7-12, and caregivers to teach touching rules, feelings, relaxation skills, self-control, behavior management, abuse prevention, social skills, empathy, and apology. The group is designed to treat those children whose behavior exceeds normal sexual play. Behaviors which may qualify for SBP-S group participation would be: compulsive masterbation, sexual contact between children who do not know one another or who are significantly different ages, sexual behavior which occurs frequently and does not decrease with proper supervision and parenting interventions, sexual behavior which is aggressive, coercive or forced, or sexual behavior which causes harm to the child or others. The group is research based and maintained a 2-3% recidivism rate in a ten year follow-up study. If there is a child you are interested in referring please contact DNLCC Intake Coordinator at 843-723-3600 to receive a referral packet which should be completed and faxed to 843-720-7106.

SBP-A:  The Sexual Behavior Problems group for adolescents (SBP-A) is a group designed for boys age 13-17 and their caregivers. The group is designed to meet weekly for one year. Adolescents who would meet criteria for entry into the group would have committed an illegal sexual behavior and have an active and willing caregiver to participate. Adolescents who deny the behavior, have severe psychiatric disorders, were extremely aggressive or coercive in their sexual behavior or have suicidal ideation may be excluded from participation in the SBP-A program. The group is research-based and reported a 4% recidivism rate in a follow-up study.

Circle of Believers:  The Circle of Believers group is a safe and encouraging place for girls to express their thoughts and feelings in the wake of sexual abuse. It is a trauma-focused therapeutic group for girls which utilizes creative and artistic techniques to help them process and cope with the trauma that they have experienced. The group is held separately for different age groups - young girls, pre-teens, and teenagers. The group format allows girls to interact with others thier own age in a therapeutic setting and facilities feelings of belonging. The Circle of Believers encourages girls to identify and communicate their emotions, to alter their faulty cognitions around trauma, identify thier strengths, establish trusting relationships, and gain perspective on the abuse they experienced. It also teaches them specific skills to mediate the feelings of sadness, anger, and anxiety that often accompany trauma. The Circle of Believers is held once a week for 8-10 weeks at Dorchester Children's Center and is led by therapists trained in trauma-focused therapy.

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