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It's All About the Children...

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The Dorchester Children’s Center (DCC), supported by Children In Crisis, is the only Children’s Advocacy Center in Dorchester County. Prior to our opening, abused children had to travel to receive services from a Children's Advocacy Center. DCC opened its doors in December of 2003 and is currently performing many needed services for victims of child abuse and their families.

A Children's Advocacy Center is a place that offers coordinated, child-focused programs to aid in the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse. There are many benefits to children’s advocacy centers. For the child, it decreases the fragmentation of services and minimizes the number of times the child has to tell his/her story to professionals involved in his or her case; rather than having to tell the story many different times to many different professionals in non child-friendly settings. This minimizes the trauma to the child and their families.

It has also been proven that child advocacy centers cost communities approximately 70% less than the cost of fragmented services related to investigating, prosecuting and treating child abuse, and conviction rates are much higher when a child advocacy center is involved.