About Child Abuse

You may not know this from the news, but child abuse and neglect is preventable when we focus on solutions.

  • We are learning how we can stop those who abuse children.

  • We are focusing on how we can change the culture, environment, and communities so that abuse and neglect of children is less likely to happen.

  • We are recognizing that family privacy is important, but the abuse and neglect of a child is not a private matter.

Every one of us CAN do something about it.

  • You can find out what’s happening in your community to protect children from abuse and neglect.

  • You can volunteer your time and share your resources with programs that are working to protect children.

  • You can ask about child protection policies at your place of worship, recreational, and sports organizations for kids.

  • You can learn about ways to educate children to be safe.

  • You can attend our Community Awareness Luncheon to tour our facility and learn exactly what we do here at Dorchester Children’s Advocacy Center.

Types and Signs of Child Abuse
Child abuse comes in many shapes and sizes. @ChildHelp shares different types of child abuse and how to learn the signs. 
Learn about the signs and if you suspect abuse, get help right away
At Dorchester Children's Advocacy Center, we are here to help. Contact us at 843-875-1551 for more information. 

Get involved. Be part of the solution.

Become a child advocate with your voice, your actions, and your support. Inspire other people to do the same.

Offer your time and talents to organizations that help children in your community. Get involved by volunteering, spreading awareness about our organization and by donating to help provide services for our families. No family ever pays at DCC for the services we provide.

Spread the Word!

Use the power of your voice! Use every means possible to engage your friends, family and community. Use your personal network and your online social network. Preventing the abuse and neglect of children requires widespread support from each and every one of us. You may be the reason someone else decides to do something wonderful for kids.

  • Join our network. (Facebook)

  • Add us to your personal profile and send links to all of your contacts. (Facebook)

  • Join the conversation to tell people that we can all do something about child abuse. (Facebook and YouTube).

  • Share with family and friends the invitation to attend our Community Awareness Luncheon where they can tour our facility and learn exactly what we do here at Dorchester Children’s Advocacy Center.