Dorchester Children’s Advocacy Center provides a coordinated, research proven response to child abuse and neglect that reduces trauma for the children and their families.  Working with a collection of agencies in the area we are able to assist in the investigation and treatment of child abuse and neglect, reduce trauma, provide necessary treatment and promote healing for the child and their family.  

Through our forensic interviews, medical exams and therapies we aim to create an environment where children and families live healthy lives, free from violence or any kind of abuse or neglect.  

Working together with law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical professionals, school professionals and victim/child advocates we are able to reduce the traumatic effect on children that have experienced abuse and neglect.  We do this by providing a coordinated, compassionate response to every victimized child that comes to the attention of the center.  Further, we are aim to serve the community by educating the public on the issues of child abuse and neglect, in order to encourage greater reporting of suspected abuse and to bring more light to the issue.